Qigong the Great
Rejuvenation Art

Needleless Acupuncture

When we opened the original TEISHIN INSTITUTE website in 2005, the intention was to expand awareness of this long lost art.

This amazingly effective treatment system had been eclipsed since the invention of steel needles in the 1600's. The majority of westerners have been missing out on the miraculous benefits of meridian and point therapies because of an aversion to needles. This is particularly sad in the case of children and the elderly. One cannot massage an acupuncture point with a needle and often just the sight of a needle is enough to create fear.

We offer the following courses:

Learn Teishin
Our increasingly popular courses, stress the importance of personal supervision to develop proper technique and consist of a beginner and advanced course, each consisting of 10 hours.
  • the once secret extraordinary meridians
  • selections from Ma Dan-Yang's 12 Heavenly Star Points
  • internationally recognized auricular points
  • famous area master points
Facial Rejuvenation
In Facial Rejuvenation students learn to use the same 15 acupuncture points used in expensive cosmetic acupuncture face lifts.
Teishin Vision Repair
Teishin Vision Repair uses a combination of vision restoring acupuncture points with herbal formulas, and exercise techniques. This sophisticated system is very effective for correcting both near and far sightedness.

Also available are specialized courses in sports injuries and pain and stress issues.

Fees are arranged according to the number of participants and travel expenses where applicable. Upon completion of both levels, participants are eligible to be listed as qualified practitioner on our website, use of our trademarked teishin logo, and a 10% discount on teishin purchases.

We created beautiful teishins from different colors of jade, combined with gold and silver. Then with a jeweler friend, created a quick release clasp, which allowed one to apply treatment on one's own body when needed.

All courses include the famous Chinese Rejuvenation art Qigong, which has caused such a stir of interest in the medical world, because of research proving it's restorative effects. In ancient times it was passed by masters only to their students.

About Teishin