Children's Massage

Children's Massage Workshops

Among the most valuable gifts one can pass on to child is the habit of receiving massages. Eating well, exercising, and learning to take time out for stillness, all make valuable contributions to lifelong well-being, but massage is especially beneficial for stress reduction and can eliminate imbalances before they turn into more serious problems. Medically it is proven to improve digestion, elimination, and circulation, as well as encouraging emotional well being.

Virtually every ancient culture has established it’s own, often unique massage system. In previous times, before travel and internet merged the world’s cultures, it was nearly impossible to access these wellsprings of accumulated knowledge. Now modern communications, and freedom of travel have created truly exciting possibilities. The focus of these workshops is to make available an an easily learned blend of some of the simplest, most effective techniques from systems such as Tui-na, Shantala, Chi Nei Tsang, Teishin, and to provide supporting informational materials to reinforce what is learned during class time.

The providers are:

Daniela, a medically trained midwife, with years of experience in birthing, acupuncture, massage, and related areas of healthcare. She has supervised and designed clinical training programs for women and children’s healthcare in various countries for Doctors Without Borders.

James has over 35 years of experience working with massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. He has taught Oriental Massage at Heartwood Institute, and other facilities, as well facilitating workshops in various countries.

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