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Buy a Teishin Jade

Jade Teishins come in the following colors:

The various colors of jade teishins sell for:

$209 + $10 S&H.

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Those with gold rings and special materials such as kyanite, lapis, or other materials, as well as precious stones such as emerald, sapphire, etc are subject to availability and current market prices.

Please contact us with your desired style for details.


We have some beautiful teishins in stock:

  1. Black jade, blue star sapphire $275
  2. Blue kyanite $275
  3. Black lade with turquios
  4. Black jade with Columbian emerald gold, copper ring $350
  5. Black jade with Columbian emerald gold, copper ring $350
  6. Afganistan lapis gold ring $350
  7. Green jade and turquois

All have gold tip and silver tip

...easy release necklace holders $50

Please contact us if you are interested.
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Buy a Teishin